Karma Vieira

I Finally Did It: A Week Post Permanent Make-Up Session

I finally went ahead and got my eyelids done here at Make-Up Alternatives! It has been a week since Karma graced my face, or my upper eyelids I should say, with dark brown permanent make-up. My feedback is that the result is VERY natural and I’m so happy that it healed fast as I followed her after care instructions. Post procedure, she was always in communication with me when any questions arose. I am already ready for round two, as I’m going a tad thicker, with a bit of a wing toward the outer corners of my eyes. It is exciting that I don’t have to spend time on make-up in the morning, at least not in the same way I did before. It’s a freeing feeling to know that if I go on vacation or want to just hang out by the beach without worrying about my appearances too much, the job is taken care of. Karma is fantastically professional. I knew that she was already, before I even asked her to do my eyes, but being her client now and laying on that table is a different thing altogether. I get to experience how it is being vulnerable and exposed to someone else’s hands and what the walk is all about, not the talk. And we are not talking bout my arm here, it’s my face! :)

But with that being said, the fact that I am getting more work done means that I am confident in her work, style and skills. I couldn’t recommend anyone more than Karma. I will put a picture up, as soon as I can! Keep an eye out!



Personal Testimonial

I’m Karma’s Office Manager and I wanted to write a few lines about working here and everything I see and hear on a daily. I have been here for a little while now, and can easily say that out of all the places I’ve worked at, this is one of the best positions I’ve held. Not due to a title or anything like that, but more so due to the fact that it is a privilege to watch people walk in half-grumpy or tired-looking, and walk out with a fresh look on their face, with a renewed sense of beauty and confidence. I have, first-hand, seen Karma do her work (and no, she did not ask me to write this) and can easily say that I would not trust anyone else to do their “art work” on my face. I am so overwhelmed (in a positive way) that I have booked myself in for an upper eyeliner session. I’m excited, and would love to join the crowd that can say that they were blessed by Karma’s hands. Think about waking up in the morning, looking fab, without any eye-make up on!

But more than that, honestly, is the fact that people from all walks of life, no matter cultural background or age differences or health issues… all really just want to feel good about themselves. We want to feel beautiful, attractive, no matter what our subjective view is. With a brief chat, Karma can intuitively work with your style, and sense what you want out of the session. I had never, ever, thought about getting any form of permanent make-up done, prior to starting here. In fact, I kind of mocked people (silly me…) that walked around with thin, black liners for brows or harsh-looking lipliners, etc. I just thought it looked crazy.

But now I know an alternative exists, hence the name of the business: “Make-Up Alternatives”. She carries her brand well, I love working with and for her, and soon will be a walking canvas for her to show her work. Proudly, I am saying yes to less time spent on make-up application in the am. If you are curious about my personal results, you are welcome to swing by and say hi, any time after next week (mid-April). I will be doing a natural-looking, dark brown, thin liner to begin with. And alter on, if need be, I will move to a thicker line, and perhaps with a wing of some sorts on the outer edges.

What does that say about her and her work? I am willingly and behind her back, writing this, admitting that I went from a non-believer to a believer. No machines, just gentle tapping. No harsh colors, just natural strokes and pigments that blends well with my skin and matches my hair, etc. Couldn’t asked for a better start to this permanent make-up journey.

From my heart,


Permanent Makeup can be a great solution for making you look and feel better, post surgery or injury. I have noticed that when a person goes through something like this, it can create a negative body memory for that person. As the person dresses or bathes, the look of the old scar or discoloration of the area can cause a flooding back of all the old memories of the issue. If it is on the face it’s even harder to ignore. Permanent Makeup can help to soothe these feelings by masking or bettering the look of a scar. I do several techniques for scars, to help smooth them, or I apply color to blend the discoloration. I have noticed from my clients that they feel so much better about themselves afterwards. They are not always reminded of the issue every time they look in the mirror. Be proactive about doing what you can to look your best, and Be Happy!

Before and after pictures of a client’s brows. The shape is very different and now the eyebrows look relaxed. Natural looking eyebrows are key to a beautiful, healthy looking face!

Camera : iPhone 4S Aperture : f/2.4 Exposure : 1/20th Focal Length : 4mm

How to choose a good permanent makeup artist

The first question I would ask is: “Are you licensed by the Health Department?” This is the agency that monitors all permanent makeup- and tattoo artists. The main thing that concerns them is public safety. We must have an annual Blood Bourne Pathogens class given in person, not online. Also Hepatitis b vaccinations. You should see this current certificate on the wall along with the health dept. license. You should also be able to see your needle come out of a pre-sterilized packet. 

The second question is: “Do you do this full time?” That is important as far as basic skills, color understanding and commitment to the profession.

Always look at healed pictures of their clients, make sure that you are looking at their work. Also general cleanliness is important. A PM artist should always draw in the area for your approval of the shape. This may seem strange, but if the PM artist is set up to work on you from just one side, you will probably be uneven. The best thing is to talk to other clients and look at their work. The most important thing is to trust your feelings. You should feel safe and well cared for.